UPS / Battery Backup Power Systems

UPS / Battery Backup Power Systems (Residential and Commercial) 

* When Eskom fails, the inverter automatically switches to battery mode.

* Never miss a TV program or lose important work on your computer again.

* When Eskom returns, the inverter charges the batteries.

* From small units to run a TV and decoder to units that can run your entire home or business.

These systems can be expanded in a modular form to become off grid by simply adding solar panels and batteries etc.

This system works on the same principle as the small UPS that you would use for your computer when the power fails. The PC the runs until the battery is flat.

We do an on-site assessment in order to design and provide a system that meets your requirements.

Once we have calculated what size inverter you would require, then you inform us of how many hours you would like the system to run for, and we size the battery bank accordingly.

The system is fully automated and you wouldn't even know the grid had failed as the inverter automatically switches to battery mode when the grid fails as your appliances/lighting will remain operational. When the grid returns, the unit switches back to grid mode and recharges the batteries.

You can add solar panels later to charge the batteries which will save you on monthly crid costs.

You have the option to choose what you would like connected to the system, either the entire home or only your lights, TV, fridges etc.

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