Why Batteries Fail:

As batteries are “cycled” through numerous charge and discharge sequences, particularly if the batteries are not charged fully, or are allowed to remain in a partially discharged state for extended periods, the amorphous lead sulfate is converted to a very stable crystalline form. This process, called sulfation, is the primary cause of declining performance over time, and is ultimately the leading cause of battery failure.

Battery Reconditioning:

Our battery energizers revitalize and extend the useful life of lead-acid batteries by preventing and even reversing the sulfation process.

Our battery energizers connect to a battery or charging system and emit a high frequency electrical pulse that reverses the lead sulfate crystallization process.

Hundreds of tests and actual field installations have shown that our Advanced Desulfation Technology improves battery performance by eliminating sulfate build up on older batteries, and prevents it from forming on new batteries. Our battery energizers help maintain batteries in “like new” condition.

Batteries operating at their peak absorb voltage spikes from the alternator and other equipment, and deliver clean, stable power, protecting the entire electrical system, saving you thousands of rands in potentially costly electrical problems resulting from battery failure.

Below are some pics of a truck battery where we had to repair / rebuild the posts as they had been damaged and the battery was unusable.

Just another service we do at Battery-Tec, instead of having to buy a new battery we can repair.

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