Solar Powered Geysers

You don't

need to get rid of your current working geyser and buy a whole new system.


  • Change the element inside your existing geyser to a DC powered element.

  • Install solar panels and controllers.

  • Now you have a solar powered geyser!

Save 60% of your water heating costs.

You can also connect a generator to the system to assist in charging batteries should the panels and grid be insufficient.

This power system is basically off grid with a much smaller battery bank which makes this option more feasable than an off grid system.  

Some pics below of a normal geyser that was changed to a Hybrid Geyser. We did the following:

- replaced the existing element with a Titanium DC / AC powered element
- installed 3 PV solar panels with brackets and cables
- installed an MPPT solar charge controller
- Installed the LCD Display and geyser controller and control box

The geyser controller has many benefits:

- Clear display showing water temperature, time, day and heating mode (solar or grid)
- Auto or manual setting
- You can have 4 temperature settings per day if required
- There is a water sensor which detects leaks into the Geyser tray

Our client can now run the geyser either from the Solar panels only or allow the grid to assist in the mornings to pre-heat the water, she will now be saving 80% of her water heating costs.

The client has a 25 year warranty on the panels and didn't have to change plumbing etc or have these unsightly tanks and pipes on her roof.

  • Before Installation
    Before Installation
  • After Installation
    After Installation
  • Geyser Before Installation
    Geyser Before Installation
  • Digital Geyser Controller
    Digital Geyser Controller
  • Geyser After Installation
    Geyser After Installation

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